When you are in harmony with yourself, everything unfolds with grace and ease.
~ Panache Desai ~



Weave Your Essence into Your Wardrobe & Create a Closet You’ll Love


With your colors and style in hand, now it’s time to get into your closet and create a wardrobe that will take you anywhere your lifestyle dictates… from lunch with friends to a romantic date, a casual movie to a formal event!

You will always have the right outfits that fit your body perfectly and never leave you wondering what to wear.

I can take you shopping to fill in the missing pieces in your wardrobe and buy some special items that represent who you are today!

I believe that every woman is beautiful with a style that is unique to her!

I am a witness to your greatness and beauty!

You FEEL beautiful… you are the expression of your Divine Essence!

I promise to see you beyond your physical body into your Heart & Soul.

You have outfits for every area of your life so getting dressed is a creative, joyful experience.

Your closet is a jewel box of colors and textures in your style that brings you joy every time you open your closet doors.

The Creative Process

We start off in your closet and begin putting together outfits that fit your body, your style essence and who you are today. I often come up with anywhere from 10 to 30 outfits for my clients in our first visit!

We bring out your accessories—jewelry, scarves, hats, etc.—and incorporate these into your looks.

I catalog each outfit so that you will never again wonder what to wear to any event.

We can shop to incorporate basic pieces as well as some wonderful things that reflect your Essence.

We will create a Capsule Wardrobe based on your Style Essence and Color Palette so you have clothing to go anywhere your lifestyle takes you!

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