Stark tree branches begin to produce curly leaves, and spring shoots start crawling out of the ground. Spring has sprung! You’re ready to shed your winter layers and enjoy the sun again. I’m going to share some fun spring trend ideas to add color and exuberance to your spring and summer wardrobe.

Ruffles give a playful look to jeans and pants this season. They can be sporty as the ruffled jeans on the left are; or have a more romantic feel as the ones on the right. Either pant will take you out for a day by the sea.

Floral prints add a sense of exuberance. The outfit on the left would take you to brunch on the weekend or a visit to the museum The floral cuffed jeans on the right are perfect for the farmers market, a casual lunch with friends or a trip to the store.

Sunglasses have gotten bigger and bolder this season. They’ve also become more colorful and even bedazzled! Imagine how fun it would be to wear a frame in your dramatic color. If you’re feeling in the mood for a more glam look, consider putting on a pair of bedazzled frames with colored gemstones or crystals lining them. This can add a little sparkle into your wardrobe and life.

Another place to add exuberance is with bows. You can add a bow detail to your top or find a pair of shoes with a contrasting bow for a nautical look. If you are feeling creative, take one of your clothing pieces from last year and add your own bow. Go to a fabric store and choose an extra-wide ribbon to make your own bow, or go into your closet and choose one of your narrow scarves and make a bow with it. It’s even fun to tie a scarf around your handbag or tote to add a feminine touch.

With winter in your rearview mirror, I’ll bet you’re ready to put aside your black and brown bags and add a lighter bag.

Think big…oversized totes will grab your attention. An oversized bag may feel too over-the-top for you, but it does make a bold statement. Don’t overstuff it. Pretend you have just enough space for your essentials and enjoy not carrying around too many things. Enjoy lightening up this spring. There are so many materials, colors, and patterns to choose from You can have one for every mood. They’re great for a trip to the beach or lake, a fun day of shopping with friends, or even hanging them on a rack in your entry way. I have several I’ve collected over the years. There pop of color and fun textures always makes me smile when I’m leaving the house.

If you would like to know how to add color into your wardrobe and life, I’d love to help you. Call me for an appointment!


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