Seasonal Color Theory is part Art & part Science…and can be life changing! In 1942, a woman named Suzanne Caygill began noticing the relationship between people and nature. Suzanne saw the whole person, the qualities and characteristics they had, the way they walked and moved their hands. She observed the inherent coloring of their hair, skin and eyes. Suzanne’s approach to this work was multi-dimensional. She never put a person in a box; she always honored their individuality within the framework of the seasons. She recognized the similarities that were evident in the people and the seasons they resembled.

She observed the bright colors of spring when flowers look up towards the sun. Suzanne saw the same luminosity in the Spring person. She is lit by sunlight. There is a lightness and energy in both the season and the person.

The heat of summer creates a more muted and soft beauty. The summer woman has a quiet essence about her. She is lit by twilight.

The autumn season is strong with crisp cold nights and vibrant colors. There is a feeling of forward-moving energy. The Autumn woman is also a force of nature and likes to get things done. She is lit by firelight.

The winter scene becomes serene and quiet just as the Winter woman may appear regal and distant. She epitomizes the quiet energy of the winter days. She is lit by moonlight.

Each season brings a beauty and story of its own. I first learned of Seasonal Color Theory in the 1980’s when a very simplified version began making the rounds. I was twice given the wrong seasonal harmony before I found a Caygill trained color consultant. I remember the day I sat at her desk and watched as she chose each color from her trays of color swatches. I became more and more excited as I felt as though I had finally come home to myself. I knew that this was the work I was called to do and I set out to find the teachers and mentors who I could train with.

I was fortunate to meet Sharon Chrisman, who was a graduate of Suzanne’s Academy of Color, and I worked with she and Coralyn Lundell for more than two years at the Appearance Design Institute. Both of these lovely women have passed on, but Suzanne’s training lives on at the Image and Color Institute International. I believe that having a color analysis is life affirming and allows a person to show up in the world as their authentic, beautiful self.

There is magic in discovering an individual’s Seasonal Color Harmony!

I invite you to discover your own individual colors and seasonal harmony. When you show up authentically the world responds to you in ways you might never have imagined!


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