Florals are everywhere this year. They’re in dresses, scarves, purses and shoes. Do you love wearing floral prints or are you one of those who thinks you’ll never wear anything floral? To begin, let me show you how each season might add this fun look to their wardrobe!

The Spring Woman

The Spring woman might enjoy these vibrant and fun prints. The skirt is playful and colorful and not for the faint of heart. Therefore, it looks just right when paired with this simple white blouse.

The floral espadrilles would be great paired with jeans and a linen top for just a pop of floral.

The soft coral print blouse and hair scarf are subtle enough for someone who wants to dip her toe into the world of floral prints.

The Summer woman might prefer a softer floral print.

This bathing suit is soft and feminine and is perfect for the refined, Summer woman.

This gorgeous floral dress by BHLDN is perfect for that special summer event that you have coming up.

This flowy print dress is easy to dress up or down and is the perfect way to incorporate a floral print into your wardrobe on these late spring days.

The Winter Woman

If you’re a Winter harmony and like to add drama to your wardrobe, these are a perfect way to go.

The floral kimono adds that punch when you’re wearing a floral print with its dark background and bold flower motif.

This cute black summer dress with embroidered flowers is dramatic enough to show off your modern side. It’s casual enough to take you to lunch with friends.

When you really feel like making a statement, there’s nothing like wearing larger than life flowers in this sheath dress. In this case, the colors keep it modern and fun.

The Autumn Woman

If you’re an Autumn harmony, avoid wearing “sweet” floral prints.

This print skirt has diagonal lines and pointed flowers that keep it from being too soft for her fiery nature.

This two piece bathing suit is a sophisticated take on florals. The more stylized print suits the Autumn woman to a tee!

The floral dress in these rich earthy colors and V shaped neckline is perfect for the woman who wants to look feminine and still keep it from being too fussy.

If you’re ready to add some floral pieces into your wardrobe, but aren’t exactly sure how, give me a call. We’ll find the perfect Spring and Summer looks for you!

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