Do you wonder what your Style is? Do you look at women who always seem to know what to wear and wonder how they do it ? Some women just “know” what their style is; others learn it by observing those around them, and some don’t have a clue how to find their style. One of the joys in life is getting up every day, looking in your closet and seeing a jewel box of colors, styles and textures that are perfect for YOU! When you know what your style is, you can dress for any occasion and feel and look amazing!

Here are some tips to discovering your Style!

  • Be inspired by nature. Observe the colors all around you. What speaks to you?
  • Go window shopping and see what’s new in the stores. Look with a fresh perspective at how they put the outfits together.
  • Find a favorite item in your home and describe what you love about it. What words come up for you? Is it sparkly, soft, rich, romantic etc?
  • Go through magazines and choose 5 images that you love. These can be anything from places you’d like to travel, homes, gardens or clothing. Really look at them to see where there may be a common thread. Is it color, texture, or maybe a feeling? See if you can name that feeling.

Each one of us comes into the world with our Essence intact, yet as we grow older we become influenced by family, friends, and the media. We begin to lose who we are. The best gift you can give yourself is to once again discover your brilliant, authentic self!

I believe that nature is the greatest artist. The gift she gives us is Beauty in all its forms. We can learn so much about our style from watching the changes that are constantly occurring all around us. If you’d like more style inspiration follow my Pinterest and Facebook pages…and watch for more blog posts too!


  • Denise says:


    This is such a gorgeous and inspiring blog post about the connection between Mother Nature and our Essence. We are intrinsically tied to each other. Your photos are stunning. And the colors are brilliant.

  • Laura Borchard says:

    I love the fact that you give us tools to help us find out style! I now know where to begin. You are such an inspiration, Leigh. Your beautiful blue photos jump off the page. Can’t wait to read more!

  • Joan says:

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts, Leigh, this is such an awesome place for us all to begin!

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