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Creating a Home for Your Soul!

By June 8, 2019 2 Comments

In this post, I’m going to show you how easy and fun it is to bring your soul into your home. Sometimes the thought of decorating a space can seem daunting. Where do you start? How do you know if you’ll like the outcome? Here is a way help you to create a home that is true to your Essence!

Your Beloved Object

When I work with clients, I always ask them to find something in their home that is their most beloved possession. It could be the shell they found on the beach during their vacation. Perhaps it’s the necklace that was given to them by their grandmother. Wander through your home observing and touching your items. You will know in your heart when you’ve found it.

Next look closely at it. What is it that you love about it? The color? Perhaps someone special gave it to you? Maybe you bought it yourself after you landed a great job. What words come up for you when you look at your item?

Using Your Closet as Inspiration

Let’s say that this dress is your very favorite item. The animal print dress is a little bit adventurous. How would you bring that feeling into your home? You could do that using an actual animal print as seen in the rug and the pillows on the chaise.

Your home should reveal who you are. So often we’re seduced by new trends or how our neighbor has decorated her home, but we need to follow our own path when creating a home for our soul. Therefore, I begin my consultation by asking questions and having my clients fill out a detailed questionnaire. I call it “The Invitation”. I’m essentially inviting my clients to accept that they know in their hearts how they want their homes to feel. It’s my job to help them achieve this.

The necklace becomes the inspiration for this beautiful, yet simple bathroom. Observe how the oval shape of the gilded mirror gives a nod to the rounded shape of the pendant. The white pearls are repeated in the white, shiny subway tile. Both are luminescent. The detail in the necklace is similar to the details in the mirror. It isn’t about copying the item, rather being inspired by the object.

Bringing Nature into Your Room.

The area rug in the center mirrors the shapes and colors of the seashell. You might not want to design an entire home around your item, yet you can still bring in the elements of it in many different ways. The chairs on the right are the subtlest form of the gray in the shell and the weathered looking wood frame is the same curve of the shell and the burlap backing has the look of sand!

Use Color, Shapes and Patterns to Bring Beauty into Your Space.

How do you take a cherished object, such as the beautiful mug on the left and use it to inspire your home decor? Color is probably the most effective way to bring that feeling into your space. In the photos above, see how the colors of the room mirror the colors on the cup. The pale blue-green becomes the wall color, the light chartreuse shows up in the paintings on the wall. Look at how the curves of the pattern are replicated in the curves of the bed’s canopy. When you begin to see your beloved object in a new way, you can bring that beauty to your space.

In conclusion, one of the most rewarding and fun parts of the work I do is helping clients find the perfect things to surround themselves with. It might be a closet filled with clothing that is in their perfect colors and styles. Perhaps they have just downsized to a smaller home and want to simplify and surround themselves with only those things they love. Call me if you’d like to discover your Style Personality and create a home, wardrobe and life that speaks to your heart!


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